Sell Gift cards online for PayPal, Bitcoin or Perfect Money. Sell Itunes Gift Cards, Sell Walmart Gift Cards, Sell Amazon Gift Cards, Sell Apple Store Gift Cards, Sell Macy's Gift Cards, Sell Google Play Gift Cards, etc..


Have gift cards you dont want or that you will never use? Dont leave that money in a drawer collecting dust. BitcoinXCash will pay you up to 98% of the card value and has a variety of payment options.


1 BTC = 38777.87


We buy Reload Packs: PayPal my  cash, MoneyPak, Vanilla, Reloadit, PaySafeCard, etc.


We buy Gift and Prepaid Cards: Itunes, Apple Store, Google Play, eBay, Amazon, XBOX, Gamestop, Steam, PlayStantion Store, PlayStation Plus, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, Macy's, Starbucks, Victoria Secret, Carters, Gap, 6pm, Crazy8, Сhildrens Рlace, Gymboree, Forever, Bass Pro, Staples, Sears, Kmart, Newegg, Aeropostale, Sierratradingpost, Nordstrom, Оverstock, SportsDirect, Sephora, CVS.


We buy Prepaid Cards:OneVanilla, Vanilla Visa Gift, Master Card Gift, American Expres Gift, Walmart Visa Gift,, netSpend, etc

To sell gift cards please follow instructions placed below.
Submit Your Cards.
Fill form below: enter your card information such as card name, card balance, you Paypal/Bitcoin/PerfectMoney account, e-mail, gift card numbers and pin, etc.. Your card balance will be checked and verified. Receipt not required.

Receive Money.
You will receive money once the cards balance is verified and order processed.     All orders will be processed within 4-12 hours.

Note: Please check your card balance and card valid before sale us!

We accept eGift cards from Wallmart, Amazon and Target !
*We don't accept Itunes card with value more then 100$.


(Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.)

* Gift Card:

* Reload Pack:

* Prepaid Visa or MasterCard:

* Balance on the card (min $100):


* You get:

2% fee

* Your PayPal e-mail/Bitcoin address/or PerfectMoney Account:

* Your E-mail:

* Type here Card name, balance, number, PIN code, activation code, cvc, exp, etc:



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