Neteller to Perfect Money exchange  



PayPal to Perfect Money Exchange.

Buy Perfect Money with PayPal.


To exchange PayPal please follow instructions placed below.

Step 1. Decide what amount of Perfect Money you need and calculate then total amount to send us.

NOTE :Minimum amount you can send is 1000 USD, maximum amount is 3000 USD per 1 order.

Step 2. Fill in the form placed below and submit it.

Terms of exchange:
We accept payments only from Verified PayPal accounts.
Payment must be send from account balance.
We require 2 hours after payment received to confirm your payment.
Perfect Money will be released immediately after payment is confirmed.
We don't required any verification.
If you don't accept terms, funds will be refunded.

Exchange operation take 2 hours to complete.



(Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.)

* You pay:

* You get:


* Your E-mail:

* Your Perfect Money account:



of this service.


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